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Ekins Echo, Spring 2020

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Important Bowen Island Outstation Update

Our trial period for additional dock space at the Union Steamship Marina at Snug Cove, Bowen Island will be complete at the end of June. Your TBYC Board of Directors formed a subcommittee to analyze the usage, clarify the financial impact, and to determine what options would be available to TBYC going forward. While we initially thought the new 5th 40’ slip would be the big winner, Member usage does not support a 5th slip at this time. The new 95’ dock was hugely successful during the May/June trial period. Thank you to Ray Dennis and his subcommittee for outlining several options for the balance of the year. And a special thank you to Union Steamship Marina for their willingness to work with us through this situation.

After significant discussion, the Board has determined to proceed as follows:

Sublet the 5th 40’ slip from July 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021. This gives us the flexibility to retain the 5th slip for the 2021 boating season if demand warrants. This will be determined by demand for the current 4 slips during the 2020 boating season. (Remember to sign in!)

Retain the 95’ slip for July, August and September, utilizing the funds for the sublet noted above to offset this new cost. Union Steamship Marina has a tenant for the 95’ slip from October 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021 and at that point TBYC will be in a position to decide whether to retain the 95’ slip for 2021 (or not).

The Board feels this decision is ideal in many ways – it caters to a greater variety of Members boat sizes and gives us greater flexibility to accommodate both bigger and smaller boats. Bowen Island is the Club’s #1 Outstation after Ekins and additional dock space at Bowen Island, especially for boats over 40’ was the number one request from Members during the September 2018 Survey. As adjacent dock space so rarely becomes available, the Board determined this decision supports Member requests and adds additional value to your TBYC membership.

Have an opinion or comment? Talk to a Director, or email us at

The Board has committed to ensure this subject is on the agenda at the Annual General Meeting in December 2020.

Commodore’s Message

Happy Summer Everyone,

I hope this edition of the Echo finds everyone healthy and happy and that you are able to get out and enjoy Ekins and our Outstations while of course exercising social distancing. I do know of some Members who are dealing with some health issues, surgeries, etc and we wish you all the best of news and speedy recoveries.

We are still undecided as to whether or not we will have any kind of a fall function. This will depend on how things continue with the Covid-19 outbreak and guidelines regarding gatherings.

Have a safe summer out on the water, and I wish you all fair winds and calm seas.

Cathy Dietrich

Commodore 2020

2020 Roster

The TBYC 2020 Roster is now available. Hard copies are located in the Longhouse at Ekins – look for the plastic tote bin that says “Roster”. Please take one copy per boat. The Roster is also available online at our website:, Members Only tab. (The password is: TBYC2016)

Welcome New Members

A very warm welcome to all our new members! The following new members have joined this year:

Ross and Nancy McMurdo on Wayfinder

Brad McNeney and Jinko Graham on Sea Bear

A.J. and Carrie Riley on Distraction

Sarah and Kevin Horn on Sea Shift

Paul Harkins on (name tba)

Colin and Patricia Jenkinson on Fire Escape

Matthew Cote and Deborah Hocking on Milltown

Alan and Leah Tynan on Forty Winks

Outstation Sign In Reminder

Please be sure to record your stays at each of the Club’s Outstations (except Ekins of course) so we can easily gauge the use of each and thereby evaluate the cost vs. benefit to the Club. Members are required to fly the TBYC burgee, and only the TBYC burgee at all times while docked at any of our Outstations.

Ekins Work Projects Update

Despite not having a Spring Work Party, several Ekins projects have been completed – the docks power washed, umbrellas and solar lights installed at the docks, underbrush and saplings cut back around tent pad area, construction of a 5th tent pad, green walkway repairs, new dock ladders installed, firewood for the fire pit, and miscellaneous painting. A big thank you to those Members who have given their time and expertise to get these projects done! Don’t forget to let Travis Endersby know of your work contributions at

Wildlife at Ekins

Wolves have been sighted on Gambier Island, so please be on the lookout when hiking with your dogs.

Unfortunately, ticks have been reported at Ekins, so please check yourself, kids and dogs when returning to the docks from your walks or hikes on land. Ticks are tiny bugs that need to be removed immediately.

The BC Centre for Disease Control recommends the following method for removing ticks:

Remove the tick right away (if possible, wear disposable gloves when handling an engorged tick):

Use tweezers or forceps to gently get hold of the tick as close to the skin as possible. Don't touch the tick with your hands.

Without squeezing the tick, steadily lift it straight off the skin. Avoid jerking it out. Try to make sure that all of the tick is removed.

Once the tick has been removed, clean the bite area with soap and water, then disinfect the wound with antiseptic cream.

Wash your hands with soap and water.

On a more positive note, Orcas have been sighted off our docks as well as in the Thornborough Channel.

And we continue to experience nature at its’ best with seals and eagles providing endless viewing pleasure from the docks.

While we progress as a province through the Covid-19 phased reopening, please remember to stay home if you are ill, wash your hands regularly, keep your social distance, and as Dr. Bonnie Henry says, be kind, be calm and be safe!

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Members should be aware of the Gambier Island Connservancy website . They are a volunteer organisation dedicated to preserving Gambier Island for recreational use . The site contains an updated map of all the trails on the Island including a second trail to get to Gambier lake from Eekins . The activities of the group maintaining trails, reforesting some areas, student workshops etc. . They also have an adopt a trail program

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