Sail Past Orders of the Day
  • TBYC burgee must be flown from the bow staff or masthead for power boats and starboard spreader halyard on sailboats

  • Canadian flag is flown from the stern

  • NO other club burgees are to be flown, regardless of affiliation

  • Boats may be regaled with signal flags or other decoration, but should not interfere with above instructions

  • Members and guests should be neatly attired.  Navy blue blazer, white pants, tie and white socks for men.  Blazer, white pants, or skirt for women.  The above is suggested, not mandatory

  • Boats should gather at form-up area at 11:30 hours (see diagram) for Sail Past to begin at 12:00 hours.

  • Note:  Monitor VHF Channel 68 during Sail Past.  Fleet Captain Reg Allen on ‘Scapa' is in charge of maneuvers.

  • Boat Order - Start with Past Commodores, in order of succession, immediate first and then Flag Officers in order of seniority, assemble to the East of the Ekins floats about half way to McNab Creek.  

  • The remainder of boats form into TWO lines, the first to comprise all boat names beginning with the letters A to L - to follow the Lead Boat ____ ‘TBA’____ skippered by __ ‘TBA’ _____assemble to the West of the Ekins floats and about three quarters of the way over to the mainland shore (McNab Creek).  All boat names M to Z - to follow the Lead Boat __ ‘TBA’ ___ skippered by  __ ‘TBA’ ___ assemble to the West of Ekins floats and about half the way over to the mainland shore (McNab Creek).

  • There is no need to line up alphabetically within these groups.  The two groups should circle at idle speed following the lead boat, clockwise for the M-Z group, and anti-clockwise for the A-L group. When everyone is in position, Reg Allen will call in the Commodore's boat and once he is in position, approval to commence will be given. The Past Commodores’ boats will lead the Sail past followed by the Flag Officers boats. The two Member’s lines will merge alternately behind the Flag Officers and proceed past the Commodore.

  • As your boat comes in line with the Commodore's boat follow this procedure;

    • Ship's Company visible and come to attention

      • Lower Canadian flag

      • Skipper ONLY salutes, until Commodore dips her/his flag and returns your salute.

      • Raise your Canadian flag to original position.

      • Continue past the Commodore 100 meters and proceed back to the club float and the same berth you left from.      


                                                Formation Diagram