Outstation update at October, 22nd 2021

As we previously advised the membership last month, we have been able to sublet several slips for the winter period, which helps offset our annual outstation lease costs. Please note the following, and even if the slips we have sublet are empty, DO NOT use these slips as the renter has paid for the full use of the slips during the period outlined.  The Board felt that this was a prudent move and fiscally responsible, especially during a typically slow boating period when most of our membership does not boat.


Union Steamship Marina at Snug Cove, Bowen Island

Snug Cover slip sublease update – although we thought we had a tenant for B31 for the winter period, that fell through so we still are looking to sublet this 40’ slip from mid-November until March 31, 2022. If you or a friend are looking for winter moorage, please contact Vice Commodore and Outstation Chair, Joe Schretlen at jajas@telus.net. If we are able to sublet B31, we would still have three 40' slips available - B25/27/29 and the 95' slip B5/7 available through the winter.  


Pender Harbour Resort Marina at Pender Harbour

We have been able to sublet the 100’ side tie slip and one 50’ slip at Pender Harbour for the winter commencing October 1st, 2021 and ending April 1st, 2022. We still have one 50’ slip, #76, available for any members who head north this winter. All Pender Harbour slips will be fully available to the membership as of April 2nd, 2022.


Gibsons Marina Outstation 

The damage to our docks at Gibsons is under repair, and the latest information is that a new piling is needed. We will keep you updated as the work moves to completion. In the meantime, if using Gibsons, continue to contact the marina and they will arrange a slip for you.


Outstation Sign-ins

We know that Members truly value the various outstations we have and with COVID over the past year and a half, many Members boating experiences have been different. However, we do rely on you signing in at Snug Cove, Gibsons, Pender Harbour and Silva Bay in order to gauge usage and the continued viability of the number and size of slips. 

Please note you can sign in on the website, here.

The Board will be evaluating the Outstation costs and usage over the next few months and this issue will be a subject for discussion at the December 7th Annual General Meeting.