Outstation update at June 2022

Union Steamship Marina at Snug Cove, Bowen Island

We have four 40' slips available - B25/27/29/31 and the 95' slip B5/7 available.


Pender Harbour Resort Marina at Pender Harbour

We have the 100’ side tie slip and two 50’ slips, D76 & D77 in the front of the marina

Gibsons Marina Outstation 

The damage to our docks at Gibsons now complete.  Please use slips B 7, 8 & 9.

Silva Bay Marina Outstation

Silva Bay is  now undergoing construction of the new  restaurant and marina upgrade.  This construction will last for about 18 months and members are advised that going from the outstation dock to the road is now accessible.  There is a bus which will take you to the north end of the island to the mall and shops.  Cost is $5. return and available every day but Sunday.

Please note the following while you are there;​

  • The new waterproof dock box at Silva Bay will now be locked.   

    • In the locked dock box will be the sign in book and keys to the marina security gate.  

    • Lock box combination code is 2016.  

    • Please use keys accordingly and be sure to return them to the dock box and relock it.   

    • Power is included in our moorage.

  • Car parking is available on the  main road only in case members have visitors arriving by car. 

  • Trailer toilets and garbage drop are available, but no shower facilities

  • There is no dock water or fuel at Silva Bay 


Outstation Sign-ins 

You can sign in on the website, here. You will also notice a new QR code, which when scanned with your smart phone, will take you to the sign-in form on our website.