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TBYC 2023 Board of Directors

Flag Officers:

                          Commodore:              Janis Ostling, Big Dog 41P

                          Vice Commodore:     Travis Endersby, Commocean 48P

                          Rear Commodore:    Oydis Dike Peterson, Moxie 48P

                          Staff Captain:             Paul Shield, Quantum, 30P

                          Fleet Captain:             Randi Jones, J-Hawk 48P

                          Treasurer:                   Lindsay Babineau, Tumbleweed 30P

                          Secretary:                    Lynne Gladstone, Ivory Trader 55P

                          Past Commodore:     Joe Schretlan, Mumma J II 49P


                        Reg Allen, Syd Kelland, Chris Duncan, Chelsey Morphy, Dave Short, Mark Smith


2023 Committee Chairs:

                               Ekins Management                       Travis Endersby

                         Membership                                  Chris Duncan

                         Outstations                                    Dave Short

                         Finance                                           Lindsay Babineau

                         Communications                          Chelsey Morphy    

                         Roster                                             Janis Ostling

                         Events and Social                         Oydis Dike Peterson

                         Long Range Planning                   Paul Shield

                         Asset Management                      Reg Allen

                         Safety/Fire Prevention                 Syd Kelland

                         Sunshine                                        Joe Schretlen

                         Council of BC Yachts                    Syd Kelland

                         Gambier Island Conservancy     Syd Kelland

                         Nominating Committee              Janis Ostling

                         Special Projects                            Mark Smith

                         Photography                                 Randi Jones

                         Regalia                                           Mark Smith

                         Website                                          Kate Ropchan

2023 Priorities and Projects


Ekins Management: Travis Endersby

  • Install StarLink and have Wifi up and running by end April latest

  • Complete the Fire Lounge and build the shore Fire Pit

  • Dock repairs and maintenance

  • Rebuild 2 tent pads


Membership: Chris Duncan

  • Maintain the Active membership at the cap of 125

  • Manage the Wait List and Standby List and keep them informed of changes


Outstations: Dave Short

  • Continue with successful winter sub lease program

  • Review of Gulf Islands moorage credit options

  • Work with LRP Committee on future outstation options


Long Range Planning (LRP): Paul Shield

  • Strategically review the Club’s position and future re membership, outstations, etc.

  • Develop a Risk management plan – identify and assess Club risks, develop mitigation and contingency plans and once approved by the Board, communicate with the membership.


Asset Management: Reg Allen

  • Complete an asset register of all the Club’s significant assets showing when built/purchased, estimated life, and cost to replace 

  • Develop a long term 10 Year Capital Expenditure Plan based on the above

  • Work with the LRP and Finance Committees to project payment options and timelines when funding will be needed


Safety/Fire Prevention: Syd Kelland

  • Develop a fire prevention plan for Ekins identifying specific actions and activities to prevent fires 

  • Determine if we could/should identify fire fighting plans and equipment required


Governance: Randi Jones

  • Assess the 2022 Member Survey results and comments and recommend revisions/updates to  the Club’s General and Outstation Rules as needed


Finance: Lindsay Babineau

  • Establish a Finance Committee to work with the Treasurer on financial reports/results and budget planning

  • Streamline the Club’s Charter of Accounts and accounting system for enhanced reporting and utilization

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