gold star trophy in smoke, blue backgrou
TBYC Annual Awards

Each year the Club grants awards to deserving Members as follows:


The Bill Barton Award:

Awarded to the Member who serves unselfishly and quietly (just like Bill), demonstrating the good spirit of the Club throughout the year. 

2021 Winner: Gerry Reinders

The Andie Rathie Award:

Awarded to the Member who has contributed the most to the success and welfare of the club.

2021 Winner: Diana Lyons


The Past Commodore Award:

Presented to the Associate Member whose presence, support and activities help make the Club the superb family organization that it is.

2021 Winner: Lynne Gladstone

The Mangled Prop Award:

Awarded to the Member who, by his seamanship, has demonstrated that we all have more to learn of the perils that lurk in the deep. 2021 - Not Awarded