WiFi at Ekins

WiFi is free to members, but with limited band width.  Please DO NOT stream videos or music at any time. Our system configuration is challenging, and does have limitations partly due to our location. When at Ekins we ask all members to please turn their WiFi off on ALL DEVICES when not in use.  This will ensure better access for all.


Passwords - WiFi from the point, which is closest to the Annex docks, is now called Thunderbird 3 and requires a password which is: TBYC2020

WiFi from the fire pit, closest to the Main docks, is Thunderbird 2 and no password is required.
Should WiFi stop working, it may need to be reset.  Please let any board member know if this occurs.

Thank you.

Thunderbird Yacht Club  PO Box 91036 West Vancouver, BC V7V 3N3