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Our Story

Building a Club and a Culture

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It all began in the late 1950’s about the time Thunderbird Marina was built in West Vancouver. Andrew Rathie, Bert Warrick, Cyril Ward and Jon Strachan, all boaters who moored at Thunderbird Marina, began boating together. They cruised to Silva Bay, Genoa Bay, Degnen Bay and Telegraph Harbour. Genoa Bay – because of its facilities – was the favourite spot and was their rendezvous most weekends.
It was not long before this group started to refer to themselves as members of the “Thunderbird Yacht Club”.

Bert and Andy agreed that they should pursue the forming of a bona fide club, but late in the 60’s Andy moved away from the area and plans were shelved. Upon Andy’s return in 1971, he set about to rekindle the interest of the group, suggesting they should seriously proceed with the formation of a club and having it formally registered under the Societies Act of B.C. In June of 1971, 58 individuals met at Gleneagles Golf Club to consider the idea.

Other boaters at Thunderbird Marina were canvassed and by June 1972 the Club became a reality with a charter roster of some 58 members. A ceiling of 100 members was also adopted, which remained in place for many years.

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