Outstation Rules



1. All Club boats, occupying moorage at any outstation, are required to fly the club burgee exclusively.


2. No member may leave his/her boat unattended overnight, except in the case of a storm, breakdown or other

emergency where, in which case, immediate notification is required to a TBYC Officer or Director. 


3. No member’s boat should be moved without permission, except in the case of an emergency or at the discretion of

the Wharfinger. 


4. Guest boats are prohibited from using Club docks, mooring buoys or from rafting to a member’s boat at a Club dock. The only exception is in the case of a one-time visit to Ekins of a prospective member’s boat, subject to prior notification to the membership chair. If the membership chair is unavailable then notification should be given to the Commodore, Vice Commodore or Rear Commodore. A one-time visit means a one-night stay in the company of the sponsor, which may be extended to two nights at the discretion of the membership chair, the Commodore, Vice-Commodore or Rear Commodore.  No guest boats on Club Event weekends or long weekends from May through September.


5. Members are requested to use the Club’s limited dock space as efficiently as possible. Members should consider staying no more than 3 consecutive nights at Club Outstations when other members are wishing to stay and there is insufficient dock space available (with the exception of Ekins).

6. Members are reminded that rafting is a tradition in the Club and are requested to co-operate with rafting requests, when the need arises. 


7. Black water discharge is prohibited at Ekins. Holding tanks must be used. There is a facility ashore for members whose boat is not yet properly fitted with a holding tank. 


8. Members are reminded to watch their wake during approach and departure. 


9. Water-skiing and jet skiing are not to be done inside the two points of land within TBYC property. 


10. As Ekins has no available dock power, the use of generators is a necessity for many members’ boats. It is generally

accepted that gen-sets should not be used before 8:00 AM or after 10:00 PM. If a gen-set makes enough noise to

bother other members, please use it only as necessary.  Long run-times are discouraged. 


11. Members are asked to be considerate with their noise/music. 


12. Members are responsible for the activities of their pets at Club facilities. Pets should be taken on leash to the land

area away from the longhouse for relief. Pets are not allowed in the longhouse or on the deck or party dock when

occupied for events or when food is present. 


13. Garbage is not to be left at Ekins, under any circumstances. 


14. No Smoking is permitted in the longhouse. Smokers are asked to use the East deck (towards the flag-pole). 


15. The Club has been built with volunteer labour from members, and will continue with this attitude. It is imperative, however, that no physical alteration to Club facilities or property is made without prior approval from the Ekins Management Committee. 


16. Members must report to the Secretary, in writing, any change in their boat ownership and ensure that the Club burgee is removed from the member’s boat, when sold.  The Club appreciates all members’ consideration to the above regulations and etiquette. 


A Word About Reservations at our Outstations: 

Our outstations have always operated on a first come basis. If you expect to arrive late and call ahead to the Marina Operator, all you have done is reserve this space for a Thunderbird Boat not necessarily yours, as another TBYC member might arrive before you. 

Similarly, if you decide to go out for a cruise or to fish, you cannot leave a dinghy in place for your return later that day.  Any Thunderbird boat can take that space while you are gone. Please be courteous to other members and limit your stay to 5 days during busy periods.