Membership Fees

  • Membership includes unlimited use of the Clubs' outstations throughout the year

  • TBYC does not have permanent moorage at any of our outstations

  • The fiscal year for the Club covers the period from October 1st to and including September 30th of the following year

  • In addition to the Annual Dues, each membership must complete 12 hours of volunteer work throughout the year.  Members who are not able to complete 12 hours will be subject to a fee of $400.00, due on February 1st with the Annual Dues payment.

Entrance Fees

Thunderbird Yacht Club has a limited amount of new memberships available and we are  offering a special discount of $1,000 off our regular entrance fees of $4,000 - now is the time to join!

  • Entrance fees are $4,000 plus GST

  • Entrance fees are a one time fee, applicable to all memberships and are due when submitting the application

  • Should the application not be approved, all money will be returned to the applicant

  • Increases are determined by the board each year

Annual Dues

  • Dues for 2020 are currently $1100 per year plus GST

  • Annual dues  cover the period of January 1st through to and including December 31st of each year

  • Increases are determined by the board and reviewed each year

  • Dues must be paid no later than January 31st in each year.  Late charges will be applied.

  • New members are required to pay the full amount regardless of which month the membership begins, prior to September

  • New membership applications accepted after Labour Day will be pro-rated to the end of the calendar year


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