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Who we are
We are a friendly, family oriented boating community.

We are committed to:

  • the development and encouragement of yachting

  • the development and encouragement of seamanship and sportsmanship

  • the preservation of yachting traditions

  • the cultivation and appreciation of the cruising advantages of the waters of BC

  • providing and maintaining shore facilities for the use of Members of the Club

  • encouraging social activities by and amongst the Members of the Club

More about us...

Thunderbird Yacht Club is a small, private group of members who are passionate about boating.  Located in Howe Sound, our property is located at Ekins Point on the secluded north end of Gambier Island and is comprised of 2000 feet of dock space along with extensive onshore facilities, all nestled in 17 acres of west coast forest.


The facilities are owned and maintained by the members who take great pride in our club. It all  began with a few cruising friends who traveled together around the south coast of B.C. They referred to  themselves as  the "Thunderbird Yacht Club" and by 1972 they were granted a  charter with a maximum of 100 members. 


Gradually, 17 acres at Ekins Point were acquired and modest facilities were built. The club then began leasing space for outstations in several areas which expanded the members ability to cruise with other club members.   


We  work together at work-parties twice a year to minimize the maintenance costs of  our 'home-base' at Ekins where we relax & play together the  rest of the time!

Check out a short video taken at one of our work parties.

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