Message from the Commodore

To the Members, Board and Friends;

2022 and what a year it will be as we start off celebrating our Club’s 50th anniversary!  We have an exciting year ahead of us and hopefully you will enjoy all the activities planned. I am extremely honored and privileged to be your Commodore for the coming year. Since joining back in 2010, the Club has provided Janet, Rebekah and I a lot of fond memories enjoying what this wonderful Club has to offer.  And now, I get to be your Commodore for the year as we kick off its 50 years celebration.

It is interesting to note that our legacy starts sometime in the 1950’s with 4 gentlemen who liked to cruise together and called themselves the “Thunderbird Yacht Club”. Then in 1971, the idea of formalizing the dream into an official club was born with the formation of the Club in June 1972. We’ve come long way baby and we are just getting going!

We have gone through so much over the last two years with Covid-19 and who knows if we are done with it. However, it is great to know that all of you are still enjoying Ekins and our other outstations to the extent possible. Through these difficult times, this is what brings us all together.

We do have an aggressive work agenda for Ekins this year, starting with the hazard removal on the Squamish dock. In addition, our long-range planning committee will be seeking your input for the future of Ekins and what projects we should tackle first and when. In the mean time I would encourage as many of you as possible to get out and partake in the work parties as it is a great way to meet other members and contribute to the wellbeing of your Club.

I want to personally thank Mark Smith and his lovely wife Shelley as well as the Board for their direction and enthusiasm they exhibited for the 2021 year. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that they need to be commended for. For that I thank you for a job well done.

To our new members and members in waiting, I know that you have made the right decision to become part of this Club and I sincerely hope that you enjoy the features as much as we have. I look forward to meeting you in person in the near future. To those who have moved on, I would like to thank you for past patronage and wish you good seas wherever the future takes you. 


Joe Schretlen,

Commodore TBYC 2022

Joe S Commodore pic.jpg