Sailpast - a TBYC Tradtion

Sail Past dates back to the very beginnings of Naval traditions and is a ceremony of inspecting a fleet of ships and showing respect to the Commander in charge.


Throughout history, this ceremony has included Royalty, Heads of State, and Admirals all inspecting fleets or entire Navies. Every year, the practice and history of Sailpast is performed by thousands of yacht clubs around the world. 

In conjunction with Sailpast is the ancient tradition of the blessing of the boats which calls upon divine providence to safeguard the boats and crews from the dangers of the seas and to ensure safe return to home port.

Each Spring,  Thunderbird Yacht Club celebrates this ancient tradition at Ekins.  This is a weekend which combines the formality of a traditional Sailpast with a relaxing weekend spent with friends. DUE TO COVID 19 RESTRICTIONS, SAILPAST WILL BE RESTRICTED TO SUNDAY ONLY, AND THERE WILL BE NO PLANNED ON-SHORE ACTIVITIES.

Members are welcome to visit Ekins for the weekend if they so choose, but are asked to observe all Covid guidlines on the docks. Sunday morning skippers ready their boats with flags and last minute polishing.  At 11:30am the fleet heads out to the water to take up formation on the water.  


On cue, the fleet passes one by one in a parade before the Commodore who is anchored stern-to, and who will acknowledge, with a flag-dip of his own, each boat’s individual flag-dip salute. 


Once all yachts have sailed past the Commodore, ships return to the docks for a formal toast to the the commodore in the longhouse, followed by a cocktail and social hour hosted by the club's Staff Captain.  


Our annual Sailpast signals the official beginning of our boating season. It is a fun occasion that all members of the club are encouraged to enjoy.