Volunteer Task List

A note about volunteer hours;

While new members are not subject to the work assessment in their first year as a member,  it is always terrific to see new members who have rolled up their sleeves and pitched in to improve Ekins in their first year.
The truth is, we need members to contribute their time, effort, and expertise in order to maintain and improve Ekins. For those who can’t/won’t do the work, or contribute in some other way, then the work assessment funds subsidize the costs for materials and supplies to keep Ekins the treasure we all love. For instance this year, with funds from those who did not attend,  we purchased the new dock ladders as well as  lumber to build a 5th tent pad, repair the walkways and purchase other materials needed for maintenance and repairs. So, whether it is sweat equity or financial equity, every member impacts and participates in Ekins maintenance and improvements.

Ekins Job Lists - Spring


  1. Sweep floors and tables

  2. Disinfect and clean the sinks, counters, stainless, etc.

  3. Check for any mice droppings and/or nestings and remove (wear gloves!)

  4. Dispose of all left behind items – bottles, glasses, mugs, clothing, etc. (obviously no longer wanted)

  5. Inspect BBQ and clean if required. Replace blue tarp to cover the BBQ completely and secure with bricks

  6. Disinfect all garbage pails and remove all garbage, stack and store garbage pails

  7. Ensure all large pots, pans, etc are clean and stored properly

  8. Clean out the pizza oven and counters around it

  9. Open up the storage cupboards and:

  • Open all containers and check for any items that could be contaminated by mice and dispose of them (any paper items could be burned)

  • Evaluate contents, dispose of any “duds” or items no longer needed. If not sure, leave for Enterainment Chair

  • Organize and re-label the containers as needed

  • Take a full inventory so we are ready for Spring 2021

  • Close up all containers securely and lock all storage cupboards

Fire Pit:

  1. Clean and empty the fire pit, sweep the area

  2. Clean the counter and storage cupboards

  3. Dispose of all garbage and items not in good repair (broken chairs, etc)

  4. Remove excess lumber stored at the fire pit


  1. General cleanup of materials/ items left around the docks, fire pit, walkways that should be stored in or around the tool shed.

  2. Weed paths, rake trailheads

  3. Rake volleyball court, remove all debris

  4. General underbrush removal around longhouse

Buck and split firewood for drying
Reorganize firewood storage area at Fire Pit so all dry wood on left and fresh (wet) newly chopped wood is on the right side
Refill Pizza oven wood supply

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