Fall Work Party Update
Due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, we will not be holding an "organized" work party this Fall. This is for the health and safety of our membership.

However, Ekins still needs lots of love, and there are many projects and tasks to complete prior to the end of the boating season (or maybe it never ends...).

Below is a list of projects/tasks that need to be completed. Although this list looks daunting, many items should be completed very quickly. If you are interested in working on one of these, please contact Ekins Manager and Staff Captain, Travis Endersby at: travis@qccanada.com

You must contact Travis prior to starting on these tasks. You must also advise him of your progress and what has been completed as soon as possible.

Please note that Travis and a few other Directors will be at  Ekins to work on the larger projects the weekend of October 2nd-4th (the original Fall Work Party weekend), and some of you may want to join in and contribute at that time.

Ekins Work Projects – Fall 2020
1. Eliminate steps to longhouse - This is a large multi person project.  From the main dock ramp up to the flag pole there are about 5 steps with a landing at the bottom of the long staircase to the longhouse.  Plan is to eliminate the 5 steps from the main dock up to the flagpole so that any members with accessibility issues can access the longhouse without having to navigate stairs.

2. Add chicken wire at top of stairs to longhouse

3.Trim path from longhouse to proposal point
4.Path to Potts Point – clear, clean and remove any fallen trees and obstructions
5.Replace two rotten planks under enclosed shower on Main dock
6.Check the dam for water flow, clean any debris. Connect the new tanks.
7.Some of the small ramps that join the main docks to the fingers are missing a rub plate and/or scraping against the dock directly. Add rub plates and adjust as required (supply in or around tool shed)
1. Disinfect and clean the sinks, counters, stainless, etc.
2. Check for any mice droppings and/or nestings and remove (wear gloves!)
3. Dispose of all left behind items – bottles, glasses, mugs, clothing, etc. (obviously no longer wanted)
4. Inspect BBQ and clean if required. Replace blue tarp to cover the BBQ completely and secure with bricks
5. Disinfect all garbage pails and remove all garbage, stack and store garbage pails
6. Ensure all large pots, pans, etc are clean and stored properly
7. Open up the storage cupboards and:
8. Open all containers and check for any items that could be contaminated by mice and dispose of them (any paper items could be burned)
9. Evaluate contents, dispose of any “duds” or items no longer needed. If not sure, leave until the spring review.
10. Organize and re-label the containers as needed
11. Take a full inventory so we are ready for Spring 2021
12. Close up all containers securely and lock all storage cupboards
13. Clean out the pizza oven and counters around it
Longhouse Lighting:
Remove existing wall lighting and replace with “lantern” lights on site
There are 24 of them, so add additional lighting (new wiring as needed) to posts at front entry of the longhouse, in the longhouse, entrance to outhouse, tool shed, etc
Fire Pit:
Clean and empty the fire pit, sweep the area
Clean the counter and storage cupboards
Dispose of all garbage and items not in good repair (broken chairs, etc)
Remove excess lumber stored at the fire pit
There is a considerable amount of lumber in several locations in and around the longhouse
Identify a central, dry location to consolidate and store (potentially build a lumber storage area at the back of the workshop)
General cleanup of materials/ items left around the docks, fire pit, walkways that should be stored in or around the tool shed.
GARBAGE ANALYSIS behind longhouse / workshop to get rid of old junk
General underbrush removal around longhouse
Buck and split firewood for drying
Reorganize firewood storage area at Fire Pit so all dry wood on left and fresh (wet) newly chopped wood is on the right side
Refill Pizza oven wood supply
Remove lights from green mile and docks early October, and at same time store umbrellas.
Burn all piled up brush (October)
Make list of Solar lights requiring replacement and purchase replacements


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