TBYC Spring/Summer 2022 Task List


  1. Organize and clean upper Tool Shed

  2. Remove dead plants from the dock planters, clean and replant with flowers and herbs for cooking

  3. Repair/replace leaking hose bibs on all docks and repair any hose leaks

  4. Paint railings around the Longhouse and Green Mile with Ekins green paint

  5. Scrape the rusted sides of the long ramp from the Longhouse to the Main dock and paint with Ekins green paint

  6. Repaint ramp stantions with matching Ekins green paint

  7. Replace the WiFi batteries at the Point, and then once the Fire Pit project allows, at the Fire Pit


Dock Repairs and Maintenance:


  1. Adjust Annex dock chains

  2. Annex outside finger requires mooring chain adjustment

  3. Install wear plate to Main Dock where “commodore’s float” meets finger

  4. Install toe rail on Main dock off the ramp to extend existing on the port side

  5. Take plywood, chain and other construction materials from bottom of Annex ramp and under the Main walkway ramp to Tool Shed/lumber storage area once all dock repairs completed

If you need to complete your volunteer hours, please contact Ekins Management Chair Travis Endersby at travis@qccanada.com prior to starting any of these projects.